Change password for Umu-id


People who are using Windows computer may usually change the password by pressing ctrl-alt-delete and then select "Change a password".

For staff who work with different operating system than Windows, may change their Umu-id password in webmail, Log in, click "Options" and then "Change Password".

It is also possible to contact your local Directory coordinator or IT coordinator, as well as the Servicedesk (ITS) to reset their password.


Students who have applied for studies at Umeå University through (from now on, may re-activate your Umu-id account via your account.

This is how you do it: go to ServiceDesk (link below), click 'Activate Umu-id' and then 'Activation guide'. There, you choose 'I want to activate using my account at'.Activation guide

If you don´t have a user account at (, you may send a message by creating a new request at ServiceDesk, explaining that you need help to change your Umu-id password.

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